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Solutions and Services for Global Clinical Trials


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TrialDriver System

The TrialDriver system has been designed to provide a complete image-based Data Management solution for global clinical trials. It is a mature system, complliant with all required regulatory standards, which has been proven in many clinical trials. It offers the following main areas of functionality.


TrialDriver Data Management  linkarrow

Designed for use by Operational Data Management units working in a global context, this software provides all the study setup and day-to-day working capabilities required to conduct an end-to-end clinical data management effort.


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TrialDriver EDC  linkarrow

This unique EDC solution provides an interactive forms-based environment which exactly mimics paper CRFs. Investigators can leverage their prior experience to get started in an EDC trial with minimal effort. Seamless integration with TrialDriver DM enables integration of EDC and paper in hybrid trials

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TrialDriver SharePoint™ Study Portal  linkarrow

Real-time, web-based global access to clinical trial data has become essential to the efficient interplay between study management and operational units. TrialDriver provides secure a SharePoint Study Portal with access to DM status information, reports and all CRF images.

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